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Boy Scout Tours in New York and New Jersey

Posted Mon, Jul 7th, 2014

Tilcon New York and New Jersey both hosted Scout tours during the month of June.

Both Scout packs were preparing to earn their geology badges and it was important for them to see a working quarry and the different formations and the geology of the land. 



 New Jersey Hosts Scouts from Long Valley, New Jersey at the Mt. Hope Quarry

On Friday June 20, Brad Carroll, General Manager of Aggregates, treated the Scout group from Long Valley, New Jersey to a bus tour of the quarry which included visiting Mt. Hope's new asphalt plant, quality control lab, scalehouse, recycling and mining areas. They learned about the history and geology of the land and about the crushing and blasting process and how stone is made in various different sizes to be transported to our customers.  The Scouts asked great questions and were very inquisitive about the whole production process.

The final stop was the heavy equipment garage that was home of Tilcon's newly purchased 777 haul truck that was spiffed and shined up by Billy Paul, Superintendant of Equipment and Heavy Equipment Mechanics, Jim Martin and Scott Helbing.  The Scouts and their families loved it and took group photos on the haul truck to take home with them.

Liz Saranglao, Engineering Intern, helped out to make sure that the Scouts safely climbed up on the equipment and on the bus and that everybody got goody bags with informational material at the end of the tour.

 New York Host Scouts from Fairfield, Connecticut at the West Nyack Quarry

The Scouts from Fairfield, Connecticut were planning a road trip to the Sterling Mine Museum in New Jersey on June 27 and were interested in doing a tour of the West Nyack Quarry beforehand as part of the geology background portion of their Scout badge requirements.  Quarry employees were more than happy to assist with the Scouts' request.

John Rufer, Plant Manager prepared the facility and made sure that everything was ready for the Scouts' arrival. Jeremy Vandermark, Quarry Foreman and Kelly Tribble, Operations Manager lead the tour and explained to the group what happens at the quarry on a day to day basis and how we produce aggregates/crushed stone.  They also learned about the history and geology of the quarry and its many different land formations. The Scouts were able to view the crushing and mining pit areas and were able to observe the heavy equipment that we use on site. 

Kris Latham, Performance Manager, was on-hand for a Q&A session after the tour and explained to the Scouts and their family members the production and blasting process.  Plant Assistant Sue Kopek made arrangements for the bus rental for the tour and helped to make sure that the Scouts were safe boarding and exiting the bus and made everyone feel at home. 

Thanks to all Tilcon employees volunteers for their assistance in making the tours at both locations a huge success!

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