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Coney Island Shoreline Protection from 37th Street to the Norton Point Jetty

Posted Tue, Jun 16th, 2015

H&L Contracting was awarded a $25.2 million contract to protect the shore of Seagate and Coney Island in Brooklyn New York. The shore restoration consists of the construction of 4 new stone T-groins, reinforcement of the Norton Point Dike, and the West 37th St Groin which will reduce the loss of sand while improving the storm risk management at Coney Island. The project is funded by the Sandy relief program, following damage caused by Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Tilcon will provide roughly 100,000 tons of stone varying in sizes of 6 pounds to as large as 9.5 tons shipped to the jobsite on barges provided by Buchanan Marine, LP. The job began in January 2015. Tilcon Clinton Point quarry is the main source for the stone however our West Nyack and Haverstraw quarries have also provide assistance in supplying this job, which has been a team effort.

A groin is a hydraulic structure that is built from the ocean shore and interrupts the water flow, reducing the movement of sand. A T-groin extends from the shore and then creates a T formation out in the water. The types of T-groins being built in Sea Gate are a first time build for the Army Corps of Engineers.  The 4 T-groins being constructed are roughly 200 feet wide and run 80-90 feet in length from the shore. In the center of the T-groins are precast concrete core units, triangular in shape they are used to increase the stabilization of the T-groins structure. These precast structures were produced by Oldcastle Precast, Middle Island, NY, another Oldcastle company.

for more information, please click on the link below to watch an Army Corps of Engineers video.

Coney Island and Seagate T-groin Project - YouTube.


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