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Mount Hope Thanks Diligent 'Snowmen Crew' for Keeping Staff Safe During the Winter

Posted Fri, Apr 24th, 2015

Mt. Hope administration employees showed their appreciation to Mt. Hope Operations "Snowmen" Crew by having a Texas Style Barbeque Lunch on April 2.  

The crew went above and beyond throughout the winter, which was long and unusually cold, by keeping the administration, visitors and customer parking lots at our Mount Hope administration offices free of ice and snow all winter long. 

Thanks to their hard work, there were no slips, trips or falls and our parking areas were kept safe.  Great Job Guys and a Big Thank You from all of us at Tilcon!!

Shown in the attached photo are:

Fourth Row (back) - from left to right David Sliker, Bill Morgan, Jim Martin, Jerry Yanavok

Third Row - Joe Hill, John Geswelli, David Bianculli, Steve Sinopolous

Second Row - Albert Difalco, Richie Scott, Jr.

First Row (front) - Edgar Herrera, Marco Foo, Miguel Sosa, David Darwin, Josh Dykstra.





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