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Tilcon Donates Boulders to Local School

Posted Fri, Mar 22nd, 2013

Part of being a good neighbor and good corporate citizen is being proactive with the local communities surrounding the areas where we work and live. That means not just getting involved when you are called upon for assistance, but reaching out to the community to offer our support and assistance whenever possible without being asked. 

Over the years, a strong relationship has been formed with the Rockaway Township School System and with the principals, teachers and staff.  Because of this, we are in constant touch with one another, holding events and tours or by helping out monetarily with fundraisers and school activities as well as using our resources of labor and materials for special school projects.

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Newtown, Connecticut last year, many schools are now taking a look at the safety procedures that are in place at their own schools.  Some are looking at how to increase security in a way that is not obtrusive to the students and staff.  Mike McGovern, Principal of Catherine A. Dwyer School and also the Supervisor of Security for the Rockaway Township School System, was looking to initiate stricter security measures at all the schools in the township.  

We reached out to the school to see if we could offer assistance in some way.  One concern was the glass window in front of the school cafeteria, which is visible from the street. In discussion with Mr McGovern, the idea was generated of placing boulders in front of the windows to make the area more secure.  Subsequently, we planned a meeting with Tilcon's operations personnel to take a look at the area in discussion and to see how the boulders could be strategically placed and to see how many would be needed and what sizes and weight. The plan was to make it look aesthetically pleasing as well as enhancing protection and safety.

The boulders were placed on March 5, and each was placed meticulously one by one with the help of Tilcon's expert fork-lift operator, Mike Sudziarski and Mt. Hope operations personnel: Arnold Connelly, Plant Manager; Bucky Buccafusca, Supervisor and Johnny Geswelli, Mechanic. It took approximately three hours to place them all and to make sure that they were spaced evenly and safely.

We are planning on doing some landscaping around the rocks and have asked one of our Oldcastle sister companies for their support and assistance. Oldcastle Stone Products has offered to donate some of their decorative river rock to finish off the area.   

Plans are in motion to have a ribbon-cutting in June, and to invite the community, township public officials and the media to the event.


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