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Tilcon New Jersey Wins Six 2012 NAPA Quality in Construction Awards

Posted Thu, Feb 14th, 2013
Route 18

The National Asphalt Pavement Association's Quality in Construction Award recognizes asphalt pavements of excellence. According to Kurt Bechthold , 2012 Chairman of the NAPA  Board of Directors "The Quality in Construction Award recognizes paving jobs completed in line with best practices and standards known to yield high-quality asphalt pavements".

The following six Tilcon New Jersey Inc construction projects are each a recipient of a prestigious, national 2012 Quality in Construction Award, announced and awarded at this week's NAPA Annual Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona. This diverse group of projects shows the extent and breadth of Tilcon's paving expertise.

 Route 1, Edison, New Jersey

Tilcon New Jersey won the award for the mill and overlay of Route 1, Edison, NJ. Because the road is one of the most heavily travelled stretches of road in the state, we had to perform all work between 9pm and 5am to minimize disruption to the malls, small businesses and restaurants along its length. We used green paving practices on this project, incorporating 15% RAP – recycled asphalt pavement in the mixes. The use of RAP saves money and decreases the amount of virgin materials needed for the project. Tilcon New Jersey completed the project safely, producing a smooth pavement that met incentive clauses for quality.

Route 18 from Colts Neck to Old Bridge, New Jersey

This project involved the mill and overlay from Colts Neck to Old Bridge in Monmouth and Middlesex Counties, including the ramps at exits 19, 22, 25 and 29. As the road is both a busy commuter route and a major connector to the Jersey Shore, we had to work Monday through Thursday nights through the summer to avoid disrupting traffic. Other challenges involved working around 15-plus miles of guard rails, as well as work in the median and along the shoulders.  We incorporated 15 percent reclaimed asphalt pavement into the pavement, reducing the need for virgin aggregate and binder. Despite the cumulative 26 of rain dumped in the area during the summer by Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee, the project was completed on time and earned significant bonuses for the pavement's compaction and ride quality.

Hamburg Turnpike, Morris County, New Jersey

The most challenging part of this project was its location, which included the road right in front of one of our own asphalt plants. The company paved half the road in front of the driveway, and then paved the other side later in the evening, after the first pavement had cooled. The project also included a railroad crossing and two sets of ramps for Interstate 287 and the use of inlaid striping tape which is placed while the asphalt is still hot. We completed the project in a single night, producing a smooth asphalt pavement for motorists.

 Berry's Creek Road, next to the MetLife Stadium, East Rutherford, New Jersey

Tilcon New Jersey won the award for the mill and fill of Berry's Creek Road, next to the Metlife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. We had to schedule work around racetrack and stadium events at the Meadowlands Sports Complex. We also incorporated sustainable paving practices into the project with the use of asphalt mixes that include 15 percent reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP). The use of RAP kept 625 tons of asphalt out of landfills and conserved natural resources by reducing the need for virgin aggregates and binder. Despite the job's challenges, Tilcon produced a smooth, high-quality pavement that will be appreciated by those coming to the complex.

Branch Book Park, Essex County, New Jersey

We had to be particularly vigilant during the paving of the project in a local park, because of vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian traffic in the area. We were also under a tight timetable because park officials wanted the work completed before the park's cherry trees bloomed. We incorporated sustainable practices into the project by using mixes that contained 30% recycled asphalt pavement (RAP). The use of RAP kept 850 tons of asphalt out of landfills and reduced the need for virgin materials. We produced a smooth asphalt pavement for the park in time for its Annual Cherry Blossom Festival.

Orangeburg Road, Old Tappan, NJ

We won the award for our work on two miles of Orangeburg Road, Old Tappan, NJ. We had to maintain traffic as we worked on the mill and overlay project. We incorporated some green paving techniques into the project, using asphalt mixes that contained 15 percent recycled asphalt pavement (RAP). The use of RAP kept almost 700 tons of asphalt out of landfills, saved money and reduced the use of virgin aggregate and binder material. Through our efforts, we produced a smooth, high-quality asphalt pavement for motorists in the area.

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Route 18 Orangeburg Road Birchwood Park Berry's Creek Road at Metlife Stadium Hamburg Turnpike Route 1


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