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Tilcon New York Construction Division Wins 2013 Hot Mix Asphalt Showcase Award

Posted Fri, Jan 31st, 2014
Jim Montesano, Paving Superintendant, Paul Taphorn Vice President Operations and Greg Butler General Manager Operations, Tilcon New York Construction

During the 2013 construction season, Tilcon New York Inc. was awarded several contracts by the New York State Palisades Interstate Park Commission to perform asphalt paving operations at numerous locations in Harriman State Park. The projects included paving five campground roadways and asphalt resurfacing of parking areas at three lake facilities. The most substantial undertaking was the pavement rehabilitation of Arden Valley Road, a picturesque two-lane roadway that passes through the center of Harriman State Park. The project included a 2" asphalt binder course over the most severely deteriorated sections of the roadway, followed by a 1 ½" asphalt top course over the entire 5-mile roadway. Another notable element was in Tallaman State Park, where a scenic picnic area overlooking the Hudson River was resurfaced with 500 tons of asphalt top course.

The Arden Valley Road rehabilitation was a recipient of the 2013 HMA Showcase Award presented by the New York Construction Materials Association Inc.

Many talented Tilcon New York Inc. employees contributed to the very successful completion of the projects, including asphalt paving crews led by foremen David Murphy and Barry Dreher.

The Newburgh Asphalt Plant supplied all 11,000 tons of the hot mix asphalt to the sites and was well-coordinated by Plant Manager Jerry Fletcher and Plant Operator Eugene Kearsing.

 Congratulations and thank you to all of the dedicated Tilcon New York Inc. employees that were involved. Great work!

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Arden Valley Road, Harriman State Park Arden Valley Road, Harriman State Park


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