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Tilcon Stone Rebuilds Seawall at Historic Queensbridge Park

Posted Wed, Aug 14th, 2013

The shoreline in New York's historic Queensbridge Park in Long Island City, Queens has been fenced off to the public for the last several years due to erosion and damage to the seawall, rendering it dangerous to visitors. Long-awaited repairs began in May this year which will bring the water-front back to life, rebuilding the seawall, replacing ugly chain-link fencing with benches and plantings and allowing visitors to stop, picnic and play beside the water.

The project, funded by New York City council, Mayor Bloomberg's office and the MTA, includes reconstruction of the seawall using rip-rap revetment. Rip-rap will be used to protect the shoreline by absorbing and deflecting waves and lessening the effects of erosion. It began in May 2013 and is expected to be completed by summer 2014. The project will also create a 6-foot wide promenade with benches and planting and a small wharf.

Working for contractor Phoenix Marine, Tilcon is barging stone for the project from Clinton Point Quarry directly to the job site. 5000 tons of 4's and 5's, a smaller sized Rip Rap and 5,500 tons of heavy stone fill will be used to construct the seawall.

The historic park is named for the adjacent Queensboro Bridge, completed in 1908, a major factor in the development of the Borough of Queens, as its opening created a direct link into Manhattan. The park itself opened in 1939 and features ball fields, basketball and volleyball courts, childrens playground and picnic areas.  Soon it can add a newly-renovated waterfront to its list of attractions.

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