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Winter Storm Nemo - Take Precautions

Posted Thu, Feb 7th, 2013

As Winter Storm Nemo approaches, it is said to become the latest example of a powerful and potential historic February storm.  It has the potential to impact: New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Maine, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Michigan and other surrounding states. 

Our focus is the New Jersey, New York and Connecticut area where current snow fall is being estimated at 6"- 12".


The last time a storm hit our area, did you find that you hadn't done enough to prepare? Was it:

Not having GAS in my vehicle, was the generator not ready, did I not have GAS for the generator. 

Not enough food for my family including pets.  Not enough water? Prescription medications

No source of light and communication: flashlights didn't work, cellphones weren't charged, contact numbers were not available, no radio.

Not enough warm clothing, not enough wood for the fire place, no lighters 

Do you have what you need?  Are you prepared?


The best decision you can make is: NOT TO BE ON THE ROADS during inclement weather.  

Driving Tips

Inspect your vehicle: tires good, enough gas, wipers working.Equip your vehicle: Is the following available: first aid kit, emergency hazards, warm clothing or a blanket, spare tire and proper tools, cell phoneTake caution while repairing any flat tires:  MANY have become victims due to changing tires; sometimes the best decision is leave the car or wait for the assistance of a tow truck.Make Good Driving Decisions: If you need to be on the road, Ask yourself? Do I have the proper following distance (good weather: minimum 4 seconds, inclement weather: utilize 8 seconds or more), am I scanning my mirrors every 5 to 8 seconds, am I aware and understand my surroundings and what is happening all around my vehicleOther Drivers: Be attentive to other drivers and identify bad drivers and distance yourself from themGame Plan: Have an understanding of the road you are traveling, think of safe locations available if you need to pull overCell-Phone Usage: Contact family members PRIOR to driving letting them know you are on your way home.  DO NOT distract yourself with phone conversations while driving. FAMILY MEMBERS: do not call someone while you know they are driving in inclement weather.  Discuss a time to contact each other so you do not worry, have that conversation PRIOR to your commute. If you must call, keep it SHORT and TO THE POINT.Four Wheel Drivers and SUVs.  While control of the vehicle may improve, it DOES NOT mean you are unstoppable.  Many cars with the 4 wheel drive feature have been in motor vehicle accidents.  You must drive with safety in mind.  After all it is not the car that makes the decisions, it is the DRIVER.  A car can be equipped with every safety feature but if the driver chooses to drive unsafe, there is NO feature in any vehicle to protect you. 


Human Resource manages the Emergency Hotline Number for Tilcon.  It is updated with any closure or delays. Please make sure you have the information available.   

Your town or county may have set guidelines regarding inclement weather.  Understand those guidelines, have emergency numbers available.

OMG Safety Winter Driving Alerts



STAY SAFE on Behalf of Tilcon Safety New Jersey and New York.


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